Do you want your child to fall in love with learning?

Montessori School of Ruston fosters independence, confidence, and self-esteem in a warm and welcoming environment. Our hands-on, ‘whole child’ approach engages each child’s curiosity and natural love of learning.

Beyond the traditional school environment

Our qualified, experienced teachers and flexible, presonalized program support each child’s unique learning style and help the develop the knowledge & skills they need to succeed. The result: happy, independent learners with great personal and academic outcomes!

⭐ Programs for Toddler – Middle School
⭐ Students grow & learn at their own pace
⭐ Includes music, Spanish, & outdoor education
⭐ Incredible playground & green space
⭐ Safety is our priority
⭐ Before & after care available
⭐ Small classes, low child-teacher ratios

✨Openings now for children ages 12 months (and walking) – 6 years old. ✨


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Openings now for children 15 months to 6 years old

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Montessori School of Ruston

At our school, we approach the child as a seed full of everything needed to become the adult they will become. Our task is to “plant” them in an environment that will support them in reaching their full potential! Our Montessori-certified staff has a unique and in-depth understanding of the developmental needs of children and is ready and equipped to support and nurture their development in all areas: physical, intellectual, spiritual, and social.

We also understand the need to create a community which supports parents in their role in their child’s development. Choosing Montessori School of Ruston connects you to a community of like-minded parents intentionally raising children who will use their talents and education to bring goodness to our world. If what you see and read here resonates with your values, then I invite you to come and visit us to find out more about our amazing school!

“Imagine a place where your child is always greeted warmly and made to feel welcome, with a parent-communication experience that keeps you informed and confident that your child has fallen in love with learning.”

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700 Woodward Avenue Ruston, LA 71270-2148

A Little About Our Programs


(ages 12 months and walking to 3 years)
Some refer to this developmental period as “The Terrible Twos.” We disagree; toddlers are terrific. We love everything about them — their energy, determination, and curiosity — and purposefully created a very special place just for them. The MSR Toddler curriculum is constructed to meet the toddler’s growing emotional and cognitive abilities during this formative period for the development of personality, trust, independence, focus, and problem-solving.


(ages 3 years to 6 years)
Our Montessori Primary Program differs from traditional early-childhood education in that each classroom is a carefully prepared environment designed specifically to engage the student’s natural curiosity and love of learning. Our primary program, designed for children between the ages of 3 to 6 years, approaches each child individually within the context of community, which results in self-confidence, joy, and a life-long love of learning.


Beautiful hands-on materials offer a rich variety of experiences. Manipulative, concrete materials in the classroom enable each child to work at tasks that are naturally engaging, developmentally appropriate, and which provide opportunities to develop concentration, coordination, independence, order, and the five senses as well as enriched language and math skills.


(ages 5 to 6 years)
The Montessori Primary curriculum is designed for children to take the skills they acquired from zero to three and refine them to be successful school age children. Your child will stay in the Primary classroom for 3 years (ages 3 to 6), including the traditional “kindergarten year” — when the seeds of learning come to fruition. That third year in the classroom is when everything clicks, or comes together. Our Kindergarteners have become critical thinkers and problem solvers. They are role models in their community. The opportunity to be a leader in the very place you were once a conscientious observer is priceless. The Kindergartener now becomes a teacher to their younger peers. As they give presentations and help others, they are building independence and autonomy that is often missed in other educational settings. They complete their year as well-rounded learners ready to take on the most challenging of tasks.


Elementary at MSR consists of a LOWER ELEMENTARY PROGRAM (ages 6 through 9, grades 1 through 3) and an UPPER ELEMENTARY PROGRAM (ages 9 to 12, grades 4 through 6). Our elementary programs are characterized by multiage classrooms and an individually paced curriculum that challenges children academically and safeguards their well-being and sense of self. Children are engaged as members of a respectful community where they learn to question, think critically, and take responsibility for their own learning—skills that will support them in later education and in life.


Our middle school program is for students ages 12 through 15 (grades 7 through 8). Our Middle School classroom provides a prepared learning environment for adolescents that integrates vigorous student-centered academic studies with purposeful work, preparing them to become contributing adult citizens who are self-confident and possess skills needed to thrive in society.

Hear it from our parents!

We are in love with this school and all of the teachers and staff. My daughter thrives in this environment, and it feels like we are leaving her with family!

Erin G.


My wife and I are extremely impressed with the environment and our daughter loves it!! I recommend the Montessori experience for every child.

Pastor Adrian N.


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